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Traffic Procedures

Traffic flow around a campus like Greenways that has approximately 630 students is always going to be slow in the mornings and afternoons. From 7:50 to 8:05 you can expect slow traffic around campus and the same from 3:30-3:45.

There are three basic areas of traffic patterns around Greenways Intermediate School:

The front drive-through is designed for picking up and dropping off students who do not ride the bus. As the name implies, please utilize this area as a “drive through,” and do not park there. Traffic will flow better if you have your child prepared to leave the vehicle as soon as you get to an unloading area. Have papers and backpacks and everything ready to prevent sitting in the area for an extended period of time. Always be on the lookout for students or parents walking across the drive-through. There is a crosswalk directly across from the front doors, but oftentimes people will cross at other parts of the drive-through. At the end of the school day students who do not ride the bus will exit from the front doors of their respective hallways or through the front doors by the flagpole. Students not riding the bus are not to exit the building through any of the back doors at the end of the day.

The bus lane at the back of the building is accessed off of Hillside Drive and is not to be used by private vehicles at any time. It is a violation of multiple laws for private vehicles and school buses to be in the same area, especially when those buses are loading or unloading students. Bus students are to enter and exit the building through the back doors to each instructional wing or the main entrance/exit near the gymnasium. Bus students are not to exit the front of the building at the end of the day.

The teacher’s parking lot at the back of the building is for staff members and special transportation and maintenance only. Please do not use this entrance or parking lot for dropping off or picking up students as it causes a dangerous situation with staff vehicles as well as special transportation.

The rule of practice is to take it slow, take your time, be patient, look for children crossing the drive-through or the streets at the worst possible time and place, and be very careful around Greenways or any school.