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Campus Profile

Greenways Intermediate School is a 5-6 campus located in southwest Amarillo that opened in 2003. We are part of Canyon ISD. We are in a rapidly-growing section of Amarillo and watch growth in the area closely.

Greenways has accomplished a rating of “Met Standard on STAAR.”

Our first group of 5th and 6th graders in 2003 chose the “Gladiator” as our mascot and also chose Green and Navy Blue as our school colors. In our first year each team researched ancient Rome and Gladiators and came up with names for their teams that reflected that era; i.e. Titans, Thracians, Emperors, etc.

Greenways students come from Arden Road Elementary and Hillside Elementary. Our students all feed into Westover Park Junior High and then Randall High School.

Greenways teachers work in academic teams of three teachers. One teacher is responsible for mathematics, one for science and social studies, and another for English/Language Arts. Each team has a teaming period three days a week for student and parent communication as well as a conference period each day.

Fifth graders at Greenways rotate through a “Fine Arts Wheel.” They spend 6 weeks each in Art, Theater Arts and Music. In the sixth grade students choose between band or choir for the entire year.

All Gladiators take physical education. Two days a week they have 50″ PE classes, and on Fridays the PE classes are 35″.

We have a very active and supportive community with a wonderful PTA program. Our parents are very involved through Book Fairs, Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads, Family Math, Reading, & Science, and assisting on testing days and with various field trips.

Greenways utilizes Project Wisdom to emphasize the importance of being a person of character as well as a strong academic student. Our Gladiator Pledge is reflective of this emphasis:

I am a Gladiator
I will always do my best
I will meet any challenge
I will treat others with respect
My character always counts
I am a Gladiator!

At Greenways we strive to provide our students with an outstanding academic setting while also providing opportunities for fun and character-building activities. We invite you to browse our website or to call if you would like more information or would enjoy dropping by for a visit.